Live Polar is proud to present our FIRST ANNUAL Holiday Tournament Event – 2019 Kringle Klassic.


Due to the heavy registration for the Kringle Klassic 2019,  our tournament has grown into an enormous event! Thank you who have registered to make this event happen.

In order to get everyone home on time and for the Holidays we have incorporated Farmington Hills Ice Area for this event line up. ALL Mite teams will now play in this new arena and ALL Squirt teams will play at the initial arena Suburban Ice – Farmington Hills.

Here’s the Breakdown of Schedule and Estimated Playtime’s

IMPORTANT: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time to receive your team tournament jersey and locker room assignments. Tournament start times could be ahead of schedule by 15-20 minutes, so please have your team be prepared for this occurrence.

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Suburban Ice – Farmington Hills
23996 Freeway Park Dr, Farmington Hills, MI 48335


1:00- 1:20 PM
Ice Warriors, Polar Express, TCB, 2010 LC

1:20 – 1:40 PM
Motor City Machines, 2010 LC, Rink Rats, United Nations

1:40 – 2:00 PM
TCB, Ice Warriors, Polar Express, United Nations

2:00 – 2:20 PM
2010 LC, Polar Express, TCB, Rink Rats

2:20 – 2:40 PM
Motor City Machines, Polar Express, United Nations, Rink Rats

2:40 – 3:15 PM
2010 LC, Motor City Machine, TCB, Rink Rats, United Nations, Ice Warriors

AAA Final



3:15 – 3:35 PM
Train Wreck, Hollie Jollies, Blades of Glory, Arctic Fire

3:35 – 3:55 PM
Nutcrackers, Broncos, Bay County Blizzard, Detroit Flames 1, Detroit Flames 2, Blades of Steel

3:55 – 4:15 PM
Train Wreck, Arctic Fire, Blades of Glory, Detroit Flames 1, Broncos, Blades of Steel

4:15- 4:35 PM
09 Hawks, HoneyBaked, Blades of Glory, Hollie Jollies

4:35- 4:55 PM
Nutcrackers, Detroit Flames 2, Detroit Flames 1, 09 Hawks

4:55- 5:15 PM
Bay County Blizzard, HoneyBaked, Train Wreck, Broncos

5:15- 5:35 PM
Detroit Flames 2, Arctic Fire, Hollies Jollies, Nutcrackers

5:35- 5:55 PM
09 Hawks, HoneyBaked, Blades of Steel, Bay County Blizzard

5:55- 6:15 PM
Re seed


Farmington Hills Ice Arena
35500 Eight Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

MITES 11 & 12

2:15 – 2:35 PM
St. Kodiak, Detroit Original, The Stanczak, Birmingham Jr. Rangers TLC Stars, Lakeland House

2:36 – 2:56 PM
Lakeland 12, Mighty Vortex, Dasher Danglers, Bay County Blizzard, St. Kodiak, Birmingham Jr. Ranger s

2:57 – 3:17 PM
The Stanczak, Detroit Original, TLC Stars, Mighty Vortex, Lakeland 12, Lakeland House

3:28 – 3:48 PM
Dasher Danglers, Detroit Original, Bay County Blizzard, St Kodiak, Lakeland 12, Mighty Vortex

3:49 – 4:10 PM
Lakeland House, The Stanczak, Dasher Danglers, Birmingham Jr Rangers, TLC Stars, Bay County Blizzard

4:15 – 4:35 PM
Top Seed A vs. Tops Seed B
2nd Seed A vs. 2nd Seed B
3rd Seed A vs. 3rd Seed B

4:36 – 4:56 PM
4th Seed A vs. 4th Seed B
5th Seed A vs. 5th Seed B

Join the Party!

  • FREE DONUTS at Suburban Ice, courtesy of The Little Donut Factory!
  • HOLIDAY PRESENTS for kids!
  • with Special Guests: Santa Claus and Bender the Bear!

We’re excited to see you all there, if you have any issues with this new change or have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Thank you and we’re looking forward to this great event.

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Registeration is now CLOSED!

Thank you all!